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Houses on Saba island

Population information: About 1400 inhabitants.

Surface: 5 square miles ( about 13 square km)

Location: The Island lies at 17.38 latitude and 63.14 longitude.


Geography: Mountainous island, rocky shores and cliffs. Highest peak is the volcano Mount Scenery (nearly 3000 feet or 900 meters) The two village are Windwardside and The Bottom (administrative capital)



Mountain view Saba island

Weather information:

Warm and sunny tropical climate, with a nice breeze all year round. Temperatures between 25 and 33 centigrade. The coolest season is between November and May, the warmest and rainy between June and September.

Language: Dutch is official language. Nearly everybody speaks English. Some Spanish and Creole.


Electricity: 110 volts, 220 on demand.

Village on Saba island

Currency and banking information:
Netherlands Antilles Guilder (NAFL) About 1,80 NAFL for 1 USD., The NAFL will be replaced by the USD at the beginning of 2011. Prices have to be indicated in both currencies as from of middle of 2010.
The main credit cards and Travelers Checks are accepted on the island.

ATM machines in Windwardside and The Bottom.


There are two banks on the island: Barclays Bank and Commercial Bank, both in Windwardside.



Airport Saba island


The Juancho Yrausquin Airport is known for having the smallest runway in the world, which makes for breathtaking landings. Several flights a day from and to St. Martin with Winair, a regional company. Connections to international flights to Europe, the USA, Canada available in St. Martin. Private inter-island flights can be arranged. No Jumbos or Airbus!


Ferry Services to and from St. Martin available 6 days a week.


Taxi: Taxi tours and transportation available, as well as rental cars.


Roads: One main road crossing the island. Secondary roads or trails leading to sites like hotels, view points, restaurants etc...

Historic photo of Anglican church Saba

Taxes - Tips: 5 percent government room tax and 15 % service at hotels and restaurants.


Churches: Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.


Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time all year round

View of Windwardside Saba island


Phone cards for public phones are available on both sides of the island. So are Sim-cards for your cell phone, offered by several companies.

Several bars, restaurants and hotels offer Wi-Fi-internet connection.You can also buy a pre-paid internet access card. Postal services are available in several locations on both sides of the island. The Post Office is located in Windwardside. FEDEX, U.P.S. and D.H.L. services also located in Windwardside.



Radio and TV station Saba


Cable TV is available everywhere on the island, with American channels. Listen to Radio Q 93.9fm for information and music.


The Daily Herald newspaper from St. Maarten is also sold in Saba.


Health: There is a Medical Center at The Bottom, as well as the Saba University School of Medicine. For more serious cases, air ambulance to St. Maarten's hospital. For divers, there is a modern hyperbaric facility, donated by the Royal Dutch Navy.

Sailing boat Saba island

Entry requirements

EU, US and Canadian citizens need a valid passport and a return ticket. Citizens of those countries can stay up to 3 months. For citizens of other countries who might need a visa, please consult your nearest Dutch or French embassy. Entry requirements may change once Saba becomes a Public Entity of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the 10th of October 2010! We will publish more information at a later point.

Pool in Saba house

Further services

If you intent to do business, buy a property or invest,we suggest to consult lawyers, notaries and real estate companies on the island or in St. Maarten.


For more information, visit the Saba Tourist Bureau in Windwardside.








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