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Saba has recently - on the 10-1010 - been fully integrated in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with a status similar to a Dutch municipality. Since then, the laws in Saba are progressively being adapted to Dutch legislation. For the real estate sector, this means that you can fully rely on Dutch law if you acquire or rent property on the Caribbean island of Saba. This are good news for people interested in real estate in the Caribbean but looking for an island providing the legal guarantees of an advanced European nation.

House in Saba

Everybody visiting Saba is immediately amazed by the beauty of its old Dutch Caribbean style houses. Those properties are always well maintained, clean, surrounded by perfectly groomed lawns and tropical vegetation. Many people still don't bother to close them when they leave, since criminality is negligible on the pretty island of Saba. And although those houses sometimes seems to emerge from an idyllic 19th century postcard, they are usually connected to cable TV and internet.

Houses in Saba

Don't expect high rise condos and time share units! Saba has conserved its natural beauty, precisely because it avoided the crowded over development so typical in our modern day world. A typical Saba house is made of wood, has a lovely garden, many times a pool and offers much privacy. More modern apartments are built with concrete, but are kept in the traditional style and located in relatively small buildings.


The Bottom town

Buying or renting property in Saba is something for nature lovers, people who like their privacy and can live for a while without a crazy night life, huge shopping centers and the big city atmosphere. The island has only two small towns and one decent road to get around ,with small streets taking you to places away from the road. Not traffic jam under your window: You can be assured to enjoy a peaceful night sleep!

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Saba being a very small island, formalities for buying or renting a property are easy to deal with. Your real estate agency will inform you about the legal situation.

There are also many plots to buy, if you decide to build your own house in Saba. Just take into account that ecology plays a great role in Saba, and make sure your property fits into the environment!

House with pool

For renting a villa or house for your vacation, the best is to contact a real estate agency, for instance .You should do the same if you are interested in buying a property in Saba.

At the moment, buying a property in Saba is still quite affordable. But with the island's new political status, one cannot exclude a price hike in the near future. So, if you are interested, don't wait to long!










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